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They said they would give me a refund and they never did What else do you need to know? If it sounds too good to be true, its probably kgbdeals. Please do not review if you are affiliated or have a conflict of interest with this website. Don't waste your time or money!! I ordered something in August it is now never received the product or a return phone call.

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They stole my money. I have sent several emails to try and get a response nothing!!

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First of all it took over 4 weeks to receive my order. Once I received the order, a sweater, it was a piece of crap. Too small, basically a piece of cloth. Only a child could wear it. I tried to return it and receive a refund and I was told I had to deal directly with the vendor. As usual, the vendor tells me the order has been fulfilled and no other communication. I tried several more times and the same response. However, I warn all consumers to stay away from this site.

Too be to be true. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I have tried to order items from KGB but I never get my product. Currently I ordered something November 19th.

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  8. The product is out of stock now and I never got my 2 items that I ordered. Now I am trying to find out why. This not the first time this has happened and I waited 6 months to try it again. My advice do NOT use this company. Did Not receive package and neither KGB deals or the other merchant, dealsdirect, has responded. I cant get any help and will not use them again. November I ordered some towels from kgb deals at 35 pounds as a xmas present. I,ve still not received the towels. I,ve emailed numerous times but just get an automated response. No contact number on website. These were paid for on ordering.

    I would advise that no one ever uses this company. I bought a deal and paid post but it was a no show all you will get from KGB is automated email response after automated email response. Do not use this site. Well great NOW I find this site. Note to any dal buyer: I got the deal, could not redeem voucher despite several attempts to contact vendor.

    Emailed them for help. A lot of links to info that had no bearing on what was going on, AND they told me to do what I had already done. But the real kicker was the notice on the email: If you have not been able to work out the issue, you can resend your complaint in 31 days! Further, it took 14 days to get that response.

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    The rest of my complaint was about the Vendor, Your Star Forever.. But what is really horrifying, after I put the credit info in for the shipping amount, I discovered that, instead of the "secure" https notation, there is a star, KGB did not seem to think this was important, but I notified my credit card co. The gave me the run around for over a month and finally told me that their vendor couldn't deliver the goods and gave me a refund even though I had clearly requested them to ship a similar 7'' tablet instead of refunding me the funds.

    I wanted KGB to stand behind the transaction and provide the product that they had charged me for. This the last time I will buy anything from this website. Do not go for the "deals" they advertised. The price is cheap enough to suck you in and then the trouble begins. You then have to go to the merchant web site. There you will have to redeem the voucher number which you got from kgb deals. You then get slap with a higher fees for shipping and handling. There go your savings.

    When you have problem with your purchase, KGB is so hard to get hold of. And then, they said they will contact you back which you will not hear from them again. They hope by then you forgot about the whole thing.

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    I have been trying to get a replacement for the defective I phone 4 external battery charger that i bought from KGB. I have been charged for the initial shipping and then for the return shipping and despite complaining about the lack of a replacement being sent, all i get is the run around.

    They have lots of deals but I had 2 bad experiences out of the 3 purchases I made. Kgb deals merchants I am not too fond of. And the pictures are kind of like false advertisement. Cause when you receive what you ordered it's there but it looks a little cheap like it has no durability. Like they are selling the defective products at a disvouny rate. Here is the email I wrote to KGB deals: This deal seems very sketchy to me. I received my goods, and the deal says the size of the compact is 13 inches by 7. This made me believe it was a large, full size product.

    When I received this, it is about 5. The label on the back looks completely fake.

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    This isn't the first time I purchased a voucher on KGB Deals and had it turn out to be a fake name brand product which makes me think if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! This is what they wrote back: Thank you for your email. We truly apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We have received an update from the merchant, that this is genuine and Authentic from Authentic Supplier. Your complaint as per the merchant is not valid.

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    Here at kgbdeals, it is our goal to provide you with the excellent customer service you deserve. Over the last 12 months we have been rapidly expanding to offer membership to more UK consumers, and it is fantastic to see that the popularity of people trying LivingSocial, and discovering more about where they live, shows no signs of slowing down. Looking at Edinburgh specifically we have a few main offer sites: Also, with the addition of Facebook offers into the market there is a question of whether pre-pay and sign-up deal sites will be superseded by instant login, socially-connected offerings.

    When it works it becomes about getting as many people through the door when business is quiet and promoting the brand. If done well voucher and deal sites have the potential to be very successful for small businesses. At the end of daily deal sites came under some fierce criticism for over selling vouchers, mostly on behalf of small businesses who would have needed to risk bankruptcy in order to service these deals.

    Indeed in mid-March the British arm of Groupon got its knuckles rapped after The Office of Fair Trading said it had found breaches of consumer protection rules. Groupon now have three months to ensure offers are realistic and prices are transparent and accurate. Vouchers drive footfall but is this more of a fair-weather customer and not really what a business wants?

    Surely the true goal of a business would be to generate a loyal customer base who will frequently visit without the need for discount or incentive, talk about their experience and get others to come and spend more each time — not just to get a lot of people through the door. We have spoken to one of the business who has offered deals on their site before and he cannot speak highly enough of them! Eddie Brown, a personal trainer and director at Edinburgh City Boot Camp has run deals with Itison and has profited from this promotion.

    Eddie has found the process of working with Itison a positive one and has some tips for another business looking to promote with a daily deals or a voucher website:. Reuben also gave us his top three tips:. We work closely with our clients to ensure that caps are manageable and controllable. They can also implement blackouts times on deals to try and avoid the problems Groupon ran into when more vouchers were sold than companies could handle.

    Jenny explained another way in which they avoid acting in the same fashion as Groupon is that Itison are very careful to ensure their top price is accurate, whereas Groupon have allegedly been known to inflate theirs in order to make the saving seem larger.

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    5. So it seems the rise of the voucher and daily deal site is almost unstoppable, and it makes sense: Huge as the appeal will be to businesses looking to appear on the site it takes some consideration. Depending on your reasoning, what type of business you are, how you use it, and what deal site you go for, it could be a huge hit or a huge disaster…. Your email address will not be published. Hi, where from you collected such daily deals information? Good presentation and i like this type of information reached blogs.

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