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So, my cam belt snapped today (Updated with damage pictures) - Ars Technica OpenForum

From R This is for you to replace your worn out or broken case. All you need to do is to move the internal components from your old. Opel Corsa Keypad. Opel Corsa Front Shocks Set.

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All you need to do is to move. Opel Corsa Conversion Key Casing. Car Shades are tailored fit vehicle sunshades designed specifically to fit easily to your vehicle.


Car Shades: Fits both Corsa 1 and Corsa 2. Manual Mirror. Priced for Left Side Only. Opel Corsa Mirror Manual Lhs From R2 Maximum cleaning Maximum operational safety Reliable engine protection Long engine life Maximum safety reserves. Make sure you choose the correct one. Once you have the new belt on the pulleys enough to prevent movement, cut the old one and finish sliding the new one on. On my zetec is not only the pulleys to hold in place.

Top 6 Causes of Timing Belt Failure

You have to hold usually first cylinder in dead top. And on zetec you use a flat metal bar on the other end of the camshafts to hold it. Same with old vw diesels. Putting a bit of wood end on, a tap with a hammer to make an impression of the teeth, then a trip to the band saw to cut along that profile. No CNC needed. That is just too bizarre.

Am I missing something here?

Timing Belt Kit

Is it a non-interference engine? I think the idea is the pulleys shatter and the engine stops dead. My question is simple. Why, after all this time are the timing marks still so BAD? While performing gymnastics and covered with grease. I was aligning an AMC engine and it was supposed to be aligned using a triagle on the gear. I was wondering quite a while why it seemed just a little bit off.

I used that and it aligned correctly. Damn i hate this sort of crap. Good thing it was mentioned which one to use in the online instructions I found. I had a Chevrolet Chevette, and it went better than timing marks. It had holes in the flywheel and the cam pulley. My 25 year old citroen bx 1. You just stick in two 8mm pins and change the belt. It takes two hours as there is a lousy screw on the timing belt cover… But maybe that is patented.

Generally, the spark needs to light off at a few degrees before TDC. I use a rod to determine true TDC. I recently had the timing belt changed and an oil pump that fit the teeth on the belt. July 30, last year, hottest day, driving up a big hill [Chickies], the water pump seized, runs off timing belt,shredding it.

Ya that bolt is standard threads, and the engine turns CCW go figure.

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  7. Same for B series out of vtec. Honda handily put alignment holes in the top of the camshaft retainer bars which lock the cams in place on a DOHC engine. Unsure on SOHC, been a while. They did it. So to append my post, get the complete kit, change out everything in there. Only took me 2 weeks, during the hottest time of year.

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    Roger on eliminating the cams, using compressed air to operate valves makes motor much smaller,lighter, more power and cleaner: My Subaru H6 chain will last well over K miles…. You are commenting using your WordPress.

    Toyota MR2 Timing Belt and Water Pump

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    Misalignment is one of the main causes of timing belt drive failure. Excessive or uneven tooth wear, belt tracking and tensile failure can all be attributed to misalignment. By checking and aligning your shafts and timing pulleys you can increase the life of your timing belts and save yourself lots of downtime.

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    Excessive load If the timing belt teeth are shearing, excessive load is more than likely the cause. Tensile failure and even excessive tooth wear can also be caused by excessive load or shock loads, although the latter is less likely. Under-tensioning can also cause excessive or uneven tooth wear and excessive drive noise so use a tension gauge to set the correct tension on those timing belts!