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As an occasional treat we might use one to try out a new restaurant or if an appointment or errand lands us in a new area at mealtime. Why not try for less and not feel as though you're wasting so much money if you're disappointed? I have a friend who went to Hawaii. That made good sense to me. I usually buy one a year.

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The book pays for itself with the Food World and Bruno's coupons, where I shop anyway. The problem is, I forget to use them. So, I put a daily reminder in my Palm Pilot to alert me as to when a coupon is about to expire. I buy them to help out my kids school and me too. Combine that with the Grocery Game and you can really come out of the store saving a lot of money each month. I then keep the book in the car, then if we happen to go out somewhere I check the book for a coupon. I have rarely used any of the dining coupons.

I have stopped buying the coupon books.

Our stores are where the magic happens.

I buy the card for ten dollars to help my little neighbor get her quota and use it for the local car wash. I get my money back that way during the year. Going bowling or mini-golfing, etc. I don't buy the Entertainment Book for the restaurants - I buy it for the discount on cruises. Now that's a bargain! Any coupon I use from that point feels like a bonus. We were spending more to use the coupons then we were saving. It is business card size so if fits in your wallet and always handy.

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They sell them at Christmas and they are good for a whole year. I do buy these and always get my money back and save as well. Since we are in a small town the a local pizza place does the buy one pizza get one free on the card and they will let you have your free pizza unbaked. You can freeze it and have it later Or easy dinner when you are out of time. I have bought these books in the past - probably 15 years ago - and never did get my money's worth.

They might be OK for folks who eat out all the time and go to lots of paid events but that's just not us. I stopped spending money just to save money and really saw my debt go down. The books are way too expensive so I don't buy them anymore unless I see them in about mid-May to June for half price or something which sometimes they do. I used to buy them, but they always sat around unused because so few of the coupons were to places we frequent most of the restaurants were for junk food.

Now I just give a donation that will go straight to the fundraiser for full value instead of a fraction of the purchase price. They earn more that way and I don't have a coupon book sitting around waiting to be used. I also buy one book a year here in Gainesville, Florida. When we do go out, we always try to use a coupon. I have other sources for dinner-out coupons, but end up using quite a few from the Entertainment book. It doesn't seem as good in our area as it used to be, and there are many coupons for restaurants out of town that I do not use, but I still get a book each year, and I review the new book before I actually purchase it just to see if there are enough coupons in it to satisfy my husband and me.

I don't live in the main metro area that these books cover, so there are very few coupons I would actually use. My sister and I found www. There's a limit on how many coupons you can print per month, but we use so few that this still gives us the option to use those few. I have purchased the Entertainment book online for our vacation detinations.

You're going to eat out anyway, plus there are usually coupons for local attractions. If you can get it later in the yera when they are discounted, it's an even better deal. We saved a lot of money in Hawaii last year. I used to buy Entertainment books when ours had monthly Rainbow grocery coupons and SA gas coupons. It really paid for itself then. Now Entertainment stopped those coupons at least in MN. It seems we mostly go to restaurants that are not featured in this book. We use free coupons in the newspapers and mailed flyers.

I tend to agree with you. We found our bill would be just as high as no coupon. We would use maybe 5 coupons and that would be it. I think they are trash. The local school kids are selling these right now. I've never been compelled to buy one because there's no way I would use all the coupons Personally, I would be tempted to spend more and not less. Plus, I've noticed the discounts aren't all that great either. We have bought them in the past, but now that we are empty nesters we have a hard time using them enough to get our money's worth.

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  • It's hard to turn down a cute little kid peddling his wares, though. Especially if he's your grandkid! I especially like to use the movie coupons because I am a big fan of even saving a few dollars when going out. I also try my best to actually remember to use them I got tired of busying those books for coupons for places and things I didn't normally frequent or buy anyway, then finally throwing away the full book when everything had expired.

    I was also tired of the guilty feeling of saying no to cute little kids who were being pressured to sell them. There's got to be a better way to raise money than sending innocent children and already-harried parents out to put the guilt trip on friends and grandparents!!! I don't buy entertainment books, but I once worked in an office where a co-worker bought one and shared the coupons she wasn't going to use. I think an entertainment book might be a good thing to split with one or two other people. No one will use all those coupons, but I bet everyone could use some of them.!

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    • I love the Entertainment books. Before my Mom had to go into a care home she always requested I buy her 2 particular books for her area, I was raised on 'Let's Dine Out' that was similar to the Entertainment books, I always get one for my area in So. Oregon each year and always save more than I spend for the book. It's a 'keeper' for me. I do not use the entainment books, I usually forgot to use them plus they are not available in the area I currently live.

      I have mixed emotions about this one. We purchased our first book last year. We did use it quite frequently at fastfood due to sporting events. However, the one that really paid for itself was to a local dinner theater. Our daughter turned 18 and to make this a special birthday we purchsed tickets for our whole family.

      With this we got a person in free. The book paid for itself 3 times over. This year it doesn't have the theater in so we're still deciding. Everyone needs to check out the National Public Radio member cards. You have to be a contributing member, but for the cost of shipping only, you can get up to 3 cards which are full of buy one get one free meals, in whatever part of the country you are traveling to.

      We used our most recent one in Hawaii, and ate out 8 times for basically half price. In our area there is a coupon per month. For me it it worth it.

      But they jacked up the price too high over the years, no way will I pay 35, 30, or 25 even. I bought my first E book a few weeks ago school fundraiser. The grocery coupons alone are worth the price of the book. I plan to index the book and use some of coupons for stocking stuffers; give some to neighbors who have small children; and give some to friends who would use the ones I will not use.

      I will probably offer some of them to the custodians at school. I have bought these books in the past, as well as the "peeler" coupon cards that tend to be more popular in my area, and overall, I find them a waste of money. We don't eat out at very many of the restaruants featured, nor do we use many of the other coupons in them. I do not buy Entertainment books anymore. I would rather give an outright gift to the organization. They get the total benefit of the gift and I save money by not using the coupons. I find many of them require you to buy 2 drinks at full price, then you get 2 sandwiches for the price of one.

      I hate paying for drinks when I eat out. Drinks are where businesses make their biggest profit and I end up spending money I didn't want to spend. If not, don't buy it and just make a donation to the organization that is asking for your help. I personally have come close to recouping costs or broke even but I don't buy them anymore. I like the idea about buying them on clearance. And it makes my Grocery Game totals that much better: As far as spending more money just to use a coupon, I only use the dining or entertainment coupons when we are already planning to go out. We have always recouped out money but I no longer buy them.

      It's great when you have small childeren and dine out enough. Mine are teenagers now and we didn't use it that much last time. I'd much rather go to places I want to go plus I always feel bad seeing all that paper going to waste even though I recycle. I have loved the book for years; no question that it pays for itself in my case.

      In a previous comment to another one of your blogs, I asked you a question, but did not receive any answer. So, here's another question: Could someone tally the responses to see whether more people like or dislike the book? Kindly respond so that I know someone is reading these comments on the other end. I ran a poll on this at DebtProofLiving. Go there, scroll down a bit on left see the current Poll As for comments here, I'll run a quick tally but my guess is that the Pros are ahead of the Cons in a big way.

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      I don't buy the Entertainment books, but I do buy coupon cards or sheets from our local school organizations. There are usually BOGO meals at local eateries that are handy, and I always get my money back with the 5 cent off coupon for Holiday gas station. The benefits from the Entertainment Books vary greatly from city to city. I used to buy one for my parents every Christmas for Florida. They got a lot of use out of it, mainly taking visitors out to eat and for the grocery store coupons. In my area, the Entertainment Books don't offer any grocery store coupons and most of the restaurants they offer coupons for are overpriced.

      We don't travel or go to amusement parks, etc. I mainly used the fast-food coupons. I generally got my money's worth in fast-food, but due to health problems, none of us eat that junk anymore. I've also saved money by NOT using the coupons. Because I had them, I felt I had to go out of my way and budget to get them used up. At the time, it was known as the antidote to the uptown glitz of the Manhattan disco elites at Studio In retrospect, they were portraits.

      I wound up getting thrown out in the rain. I thought I could document this. He has photographed every president since Nixon, except Barack Obama. Additional projects have included Death Row inmates, drag queens and cowboys. He says his fascination with indigenous people likely stems from his childhood reading National Geographic. This was before the Traveling Wilburys. He gave me a lot of time. I don't like beans, so they prepared it without beans. I love cheese - they added cheese. They are so in tune Red Chile that is. The best in Albuquerque if you ask me.

      And the real Chile head my hubby agrees. Try it, you'll love it. They were out of signature dish 1st off. I know they won award for red chile, but that was some of the worse I've ever had. My husband who doesn't usually season his food even added salt, but said it didn't help.

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      Wow the food is this place is out of this world. We had carne adorada empanadas with eggs on top. It is a small. We will be coming back! I want to try everything! Reviews commenting on neighborhoods are irrelevant in my opinion. This was a great meal with excellent service. The server went out of his way to let me try the menudo and explained the techniques involved. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.

      All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. See all restaurants in Albuquerque. What is Certificate of Excellence? TripAdvisor gives a Certificate of Excellence to accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers.

      Ratings and reviews 4. Certificate of Excellence - Winner. This is very good southwestern food. AND the tortillas are amazing! Carne Adovada With Beans.

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      Beef And Bean Burrito. Bean And Rice Burrito. Served 1 Tortilla And Garnish.